The following are the shipmate members of this association who have passed on.  We dedicate this to their surviving family members and sincerely hope they take solace in the knowledge that the bond of love and friendship is eternal and transcends this mortal presence.  Some were attendees at one or more of our reunions and made friendships with others whom they never actually served on-board with.  Many also reunited with those they had known as young men and with whom a very special bond was formed after having reunited many decades down the corridor of time.  We cherish and honor that experience and pay respect to our memories of them.   May we ever have the faith to feel that ethereal linkage of their presence.


This is our simple memorium, and is offered in all of our names and those of our families, to them. Fair winds and following seas.



Amadisto, Leroy

Amthor, Richard

Atwell, John

Askren, Bob

Bainbridge, James

Baker, Tony

Barger, Robert

Bartels, Richard

Battson, Arthur

Baxter, Henri

Bekins, Marshall

Bell, Roger L.

Bell, Virgil

Bentle, Kenneth

Best, Gene

Bigbie, James

Boudinot Jr., Edgar J.

Boyd Sr., Earl L.

Bremer, Richard

Burns, Thomas

Cardwell, James G.

Cerminara, Louis

Ciborowski, Joseph

Cogburn, John H

Crump, Gerald   

Cunes, Jose     

Cuttitte, Joseph

Damon, Kenneth

DeAngelis, Albert

Dean, Glenn

Demsko, Michael

Downs, T. William

Dundon, Donald R.

Elliott, Hollie

Emerson, Wayne

Fascinella, Anthony

Faust, Thomas

Finkler, Richard N

Flanigan, Al

Giffen Jr., Robert C.

Gosman, Robert E.

Grater, Eldon

Grayson Sr., Richard H.

Griggs, Larry

Gutting, John P.

Habich, Coy

Hall, Madison

Hart, C. M.

Haskins, Freddie W.

Hearn, Joseph

Helbling, Arthur

Hinkie, Cecil F.

Hughes, Martin V.

Hutchison, Malcom

Hysinger, Howard

Jones, Howard C.

Kauffman, Draper L.

Kirkley, Lonnie

Klatt, Ivan

Koellermeier, Erwin

Langford, Richard

Lefebvre, Edward

Lefevre, John

LePage, George

Litfiy, Wayne

Lucanegro, Frank

Mabrey, Robert

Martinez, Angel

Mason, Charles

McCartney, William S.

McCue, Robert

McDonald, John F

McKnight Sr., Joe Dan

Messer, James E.

Mikulecky, Ernst

Miller, William

Moeser, Maurice

Moore Jr., Forrest D.

Moran, John

Myers Sr., Douglas

OMalley, Charles

Perera, Charlie

Peterson, Forrest S.

Phinizy, Burdell

Pittman, Vernon

Price, James

Rickwood, Dudley J.

Rogers, John

Seagraves, Conrad

Sherman, Robert

Shore, Cary

Shubert, Jacob

Sigler, Jack

Simning, Arnold

Skochenko, Sam

Spain, Billy V.

Stelmack, Paul

Stilson, Fred

Stone, Carlos

Strauss Jr., John J.

Takes, Ed

Tarr, Robert

Taylor, Clyde C.

Taylor, Jack O.

Taylor, Rudolf

Teeter, Edward W.

Toups, E. J.

Trainovich Jr., William

Travis, Lewis A.

Tripp, Fred

Turner, Gordon O.

Uhls, Charlie

Van Dyke, George P.

Warrick, Hunter

Waybright, Charlie J.

Weich, Henry A.

Weidell, Jed

Wendt, Walter

Westbrook, Theodore

Wheble, Arthur

Wild, Robert

Willett, Maurice

Wilson, George R.

Wineholt, Ernest

Wright Jr., Herbert

Wurzbacher, Howard

Young, James L.





                                                        POW / MIA Pin




      On 27 July 1966 the Bexar embarked H Company, 2nd Battalion,

         26th Marines enroute Vietnam with stops at Pearl Harbor and


            White Beach, Okinawa. Upon arrival, they were preparing


               to disembark when their orders were changed and they


                 were directed to proceed to DaNang and to reinforce


                     elements of the 3rd Marine Division. After that


                          action seventeen ‘H’ Company Marines,


                           good and true, had made the ultimate


                             sacrifice as many before and sadly


                                       would never return.


                  It is in their memory, these seventeen and more,

                whom we transported, that we dedicate this tribute.




                              ‘H’ company has a site located at



                                             Pay them a visit


It is a historical fact that the US Navy and Marine Corps have, since their inception been inexorably intertwined as the success of the mission of the one is dependent upon the other. Never has this been more apparent than in the mission of the amphibious forces. Friendly rivalries at times would became not so friendly, BUT whenever push came to shove both stood side by side as brother warriors against a proud Nation's common enemies. 


                                          Semper Fi....., Mac!


                                                                                POW / MIA Pin