Let us not forget all the brave men and woman, who... despite criticism from home and abroad, are sacrificing themselves in a noble effort to literally, save mankind from destruction. It is no less an endeavor than that as they set an example for a world frozen by vacillation and denial.


   We, who have gone before, understand that freedom is never free and that to each succeeding generation, there comes a calling greater than self. That calling is to stand fast and defend, against all enemies, those values that are intrinsic and unique to what we know as the American spirit.  


   For it is now, as it has been before, that when ominous clouds gather on distant horizons many in the community of nations tremble in fear, weak of character and absent of resolve. Fear makes cowards of them all and blinds them to the lessons of history. To stand by and do nothing is to appease the evildoers and encourage and embolden them to even more contemptable acts. Whether one likes or dislikes a sitting President is irrelevant, at such a time, for he is the Commander in Chief and so designated by the very foundation of our nation, the Constitution. Until mankind has matured to the point wherein countries can identify and stop these assorted despots, civilization is left with no other option than a policy of pre-emption. For standing and waiting is inviting disaster and NOT an option. 








   We now find ourselves engaged in a war alien in the history of man. It is an all-out assault by a fanatic and loosely organized, non-uniformed amalgam of hate-mongers to whom tolerance and love are alien values. They only respect force and are a malignancy upon the land. They neither know nor respect individual or collective rights and are absent all manner of civility and discourse. They are a blind hatred fueled by some few madmen, full of envy and frustration, whose sole objective is to secure a totalitarian control over others. They hate you, because you are not one of them. By your very existence you threaten them. Why? It is because you are different. They are an enigma and like a cancerous growth must be excised, wherever they are found, or others will see in the observation that terrorism is a valid means to an end and so,...become emboldened to mimic the evil. And what of America? If we are indeed, the greatest Nation on the face of the earth and the leader of the free world it is incumbent upon us to lead. Historically, we have sent our best young people to many foreign lands and they have sacrificed their lives for others. And for what? one may ask! For the freedom of all mankind.






    America will always step forward and take up that heavy mantle of responsibility. She always has,...she always will. It is not arrogance. What it is, is...One Nation Conceived In Liberty And Dedicated To The Proposition That All Men Are Created Free And Equal stepping up to the mark once again, when others won't. That is why we always ask that...   GOD Bless America!

                                                       Bob Weiss