Tulsa, OK


In recent years, for an assortment of reasons including health and economics, our reunion attendance has dwindled down significantly enough so that we've had to share our reunion with another ship association just to be able to book accomodations. We would encourage those who formerly attended on a regular basis and everyone else who is logged on-board our association to try to at least attend a reunion when it's convenient to your geographic residence. We originally scheduled our reunions to rotate about the country for just that reason..., our ageing membership. Father Time and the accumulated vicissitudes of life's journey weigh us all down and the friendly comradery of the reunion experience can be one of those annual sustaining events that give us great comfort as we all continue our journey in time. Hope to see you all there in Reno,NV this September as I hope my wife and I can also make it.

On behalf of our volunteer leader and reunion host Walter 'Steve' Malloy and his First Lady Jofa and my wife Fumi and myself, I bid the best of Health and Happiness to you All. We miss seeing all of you very much!

Fair Winds and Following Seas...,                                                                                                                                                                               

Bob Weiss  ('58-'61)