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Reno memories

It was 2001 and we have Larry Griggs and fiancee Janie, along with Bob Cunningham and Ron Harris and Wanda Sparks with their backs towards the camera. Now jest look at ole LG givin' Harris his extree special up close and personal glare. He's thinkin'...'Damned Yankees if'n they're smilin' you know they're lyin' Ole Nature Boy Harris, who sees hisself as the great white hunter of the Michigan UP, is tryin' to tell them how he brought down a perfect 10-point buck at 190 yards after a brown bear startled him and he fell down against a tree stump and accidentally discharged his gun. Huh?? And Miss Janie, in her red,white 'n blue finery is jest thinkin' "I ain't a-believin none o' this mess!' Submitted by Jim Engelken