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I swear...He was this tall!!

When you get Texas (Cliffy Prater) and Tennessee (Larry Griggs)settin' side by side at the same table you're gonna need a pair of hip boots, 'cause it will get real deep, real quick like, when it gets to Can You Top This One time!!?? Here Cliffy Prater is tellin' the one about the tallest midget in the World (from Texas, of course) to a stunned audience in Reno!! Around, to the right past LG is Bob 'Beep beep' Cunningham and the back of his wife, Katherine's head (Ha!). The one least impressed with all this is Marilyn, Cliffy's wife, 'cause... like they say down in Texas,..'She's rode down this trail before!',...if'n you catch my drift. Now that there's funny..I don't care who you are or where you're from. That's funnier than a bunch of Chinese waiters on crack runnin' a fire drill don't-cha-know? Submitted by Jim Engelken